Practice Area

Patent Litigation / Other IP Litigation

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Patent Litigation / Litigation in relation to the Unfair Competition Prevention Act / Other IP related litigation / Negotiation for IP related disputes outside courts

International Transaction

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Crossborder license, joint development and other Ip related transactions / Other international transaction

Dispute Resolution

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Representation of litigations of every kind in relation to business activity / Representation in negotiation for dispute resolution / Support in US litigations /International dispute resolution

Healthcare / Life Science

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Preparation of a variety of agreements and representation in negotiation from the development phase to the commercialization phase in pharmaceutical and life science industry / Provide legal advice in relation to intellectual property rights in pharmaceutical and life science industry

We have a variety of experience to provide legal advice to major pharmaceutical companies and bio-venture companies in various cases such as joint development, licensing and patent litigation.

IT / Information Law

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Adovisory in relation to data protection law / Trade secret related practice / Other information law related advisory

Sports Business

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Practice related to broadcasting rights of international sports events and sponsorship rights


Our Service

Naming rights / Concert and event agreements / Copyright related to music / Licensing of image right / Character related business / Internet distribution agreement


Our Service

Trademark prosecution and management / Anti-counterfeiting / Action against similar trademarks (filing of objection) / Global trademark portfolio management and enforcement

Anti-trust Law / Competition Law

Our Service

Advisory in relation to licensing and other business transaction from antitrust law perspective / Advisory in relation to standard essential patents / Other antitrust law and competition law advisory

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